To The Moon

Believe or not, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s are now historical and the museum is building a collection to reflect those decades.

What objects do you have in your basements, cubbies, and attics that tell a county story from those decades?

If you think you have something that tells a relevant story from this time, email us.

This week we are thinking about our upcoming SPACE themed exhibits at the Museum and this little gem in our collection popped up.  While not specific to our County story…this global event impacted our lives everywhere and definately added to the narrative within L&A County.

“Life To The Moon and Back”

July 16, 1969 marked a momentous day in human history when Apollo 11, carrying three American astronauts left earth, at 9:32 am EDT, for the first landing mission to the moon. Apollo 11 was a Saturn V rocket, and it carried Michael Collins, Neil A. Armstrong, and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin off the planet. On July 20th, four days after the initial take off, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the very first humans to walk on the moon. Michael Collins remained in the command module, in orbit.

“Life” magazine was founded January 4 1883, in New York City. In its first few decades “Life” was a fun lighthearted magazine with something to say about politics, religion, literature and other important issues of the day while still having fun with the paper.

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